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Shiny: Exhibitions, projects, awards

Wonky lamp post (2023)

'Pier at a Wonky Lampost' from a series currently showing in
Shutter Hub's To The Sea exhibition (2023-24) Copyright Dee Lister

(December 2023 - 2024) More details coming soon. Shutter Hub's OPEN 23/24 exhibition, Cambridge, UK.


(October 2023 - 2024) Four images featuing in Shutter Hub's 'TO THE SEA' exhibition in France. For details and to view the image panels see:

(August 2023) Shutter Hub's 'YEARBOOK 2023' online exhibition. View here:


(July 2023) 'Mental Inkness' art zine. Issue 1: Out of Our Minds. Two drawings 'Doodle over: Spheres' and 'Self-compassion'.


(July 2023) 'Queer Out Here' audio zine cover art (above) and track 'Space in Nature' featured in Issue 08. To listen to this free resource dedicated to queering the outdoors see:


(January 2023) 'Salutation to sunrise' poem and photograph (featured in the gallery) published in open access arts journal The GGP Collective (Issue 4 - hope), GlassGates Publishing


(December 2022) Shutter Hub's member bursary award  


(October 2022) 'Cat in the wild' and 'Little Acrobats' images (click to view an archived blog post of these images here) featured in Shutter Hub's 'EVERYDAY DELIGHT' photobook

(October 2022/ August 2022) 'Look to the horizon' blackberry anthotype print featuring in Anthotype Emulsions Volume 1 (paperback/e-book) by Malin Fabbri/ inn Alternative's emulsion database and World Anthotype Day gallery


(September 2022) 'Blue moon' cyanotype featured on Alternative's World Cyanotype Day gallery


(August 2022) 'Pink sun rising' anthotype featured on

Alternative's World Anthotype Day gallery


(August 2022) 'Look to the horizon' anthotype featured in Alternative Photography . com's emulsion database/ World Anthotype Day gallery

(August 2022) 'Glimmers', self-published zine of handcrafted anthotypes photography with a self-authored poem. Mindful art ode to sunrise and sunset (visit store to purchase)


(Jul 2022) 'Defiant' featuring in Shutter Hub's 'YEARBOOK 2022' online exhibition


(Jun 2022) 'Embodying trauma and troubling appearances within photography for the ‘Your Body Belongs to You’ exhibition' article (Jun 2022), Beauty Demands Network

(April 2022) 'Tunnel Vision' featuring in Shutter Hub's 'ROAD TRIP' photobook

(April 2022-2023) 'Impressions' self-portraits featuring in the exhibition 'YOUR BODY BELONGS TO YOU'. Co-curated by Karen Harvey and Marisol Mendez


(2021) 'Drift' featuring in Shutter Hub's YEARBOOK 2021 online exhibition


(2016) Winner of adult photography category, Blackrod Scarecrow Festival

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