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Tunnel vision - Shutter Hub 'Road Trip'

23 February 2022

‘Tunnel Vision’ positions the viewer as a passenger travelling in a vehicle as it goes through a dark well-lit tunnel. The deliberate use of intentional camera movement has an artistic effect, though there’s a deeper meaning. This arrives from the photographer wishing to convey an aspect of their everyday experiences of travelling as a person living with invisible disability. Sensations such as nausea and sensory overload are a feature of their daily life, which makes experiencing scenes such as this one whilst on a journey exciting but also nauseating and sometimes overwhelming.

This month I entered the Shutter Hub Editions 'Road Trip' call for entries. I submitted the image and description above.

*Update*: I'm delighted to say the above image was accepted and will be featured in the publication! I'll share details and how to purchase the Shutter Hub's photography book when they're available.

I like to integrate movement into artwork to convey emotion and embodied experiences of time and space. The above image was created using the technique of deliberately moving the camera known as intentional camera movement (ICM) in photography.

ICM made for a dynamic set of images when exploring my experiences of a road trip - the theme for the Shutter Hub call for entries. Perhaps you'll agree this worked well after reading the description sent in with the image.

If this type of work appeals to you please take a look at previous posts shared on the blog: Surrender to Shadow (June 2021). and We walk and we're free (Mar 2021) . I have a dedicated ICM account @myicmreality. too if you're on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and to finish by sharing a few more images from the set.


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