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Two images to feature in Shutter Hub's 'Everyday Delight' photobook


I've had some happy news that two of my photographs have been selected for including in Shutter Hub's forthcoming book 'Everyday Delight'. Once the photobook is available to buy I'll upload the details though you can read about it here.

It's been an uplifting year for me as an artist and photographer as this follows my having work featured in two other photography-related books. But I was really invested in getting something into this one as it's about something I really care about: being grateful for and tapping into small moments of joy in everyday life.

Looking for everyday delights is a practice I've enveloped into my days and creative practices, and I'd advocate everyone give doodling or writing morning pages a go (as per Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way).

Doing such things encourages me to be present during these fleeting and precious moments of mindfulness and gratitude. This was actually the main premise and motivation for the Glimmers zine project, which you can read all about here.

Without further ado, here's the images selected for Shutter's photobook, as well as the other images I submitted. Thanks for reading.

Gallery of Everyday Delight entries:

'Cat in the wild' will feature in the photobook

'Little acrobats' will feature in the photobook

'Ant adventures' submitted as an entry

'Open wide' submitted as an entry

'Norri at sunset' submitted as an entry

'Rising pink' submitted as an entry


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