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  • Dee Lister

Winter dawn wander


Landscape image of Anglezarke reservoir at dawn.

I came out for pre-dawn, for the darkness and navy blue, the stillness, facing the shadows. I came for the pinks and purples, the pale blue, the pink clouds as the sun rises. I came to be with myself and with nature.

It's funny how things go even with the best of intentions, all parts lining up. Arrived in good time to be with the darkness. The wind was bracing, buffeting me around like a dancing stone. With ice on the ground, a crisp chill in the air, it was cold, very cold.

I walked to the spot by the reservoir, climbed over the wall, took in the scene. Set my tripod and camera up, only to discover I'd forgotten my memory card, oh dear. I howled into the wind as ironic as it was, all is well.

I had whispered to myself in the car on the way, I'm not here for photography practice alone. I wasn't here for photography at all really (though I did want to play with the dark using a cable release).

Really I came for the pinks and purples, the pale blue, the returning light of day. I yearned for the sight of birds awakening, passing over, cawing hello hello. I came to hear the gentle sounds of water, savour the feeling of being really here, present with the land, with myself, with the light.

I'm a bit tired but present with the invigorating cold. I know this is what it means to live, to be human. There is nothing that stirs me more than dawn, me and the land, the light, the rainbow in the sky, the silence.

All images in this set were taken using a Google Pixel 4A phone.


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Dee Lister
Feb 13, 2021

So special isn't it, being in nature at sunrise. Thanks so much Molly, so glad you like this post. Dee


Feb 12, 2021

Beautiful set. Even in the contraction of winter, the colors are awesome. Getting out at dawn is always hard from your warm bed, but worth it once you arrive. xox

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