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  • Dee Lister

Glimmers for Summer Solstice


All is still,

Light travels

To me, changing

Colours, slow skies

Brightening, a moment

Passing, always moving

Onwards, fleeting

Yet forever


Wishing you a belated and happy Summer (or Winter if you're south of the equator) Solstice. The images above were created during an unforgettable evening witnessing sunset in May. They show the landscape looking west of Pendle Hill from Gisburn, Lancashire. The words met my page whilst watching the sun go down from the moors.

I'm fortunate to have a campervan now and enjoying new ways to see the light and be in nature (and with a fresh cup of tea!) I'll share more about this another time, though I'd be amiss not to mention that I'm currently putting together a zine. This is a small fine art collection of sunrise and sunset images that embeds a connection with nature in the content and process in which it was created. It'll contain anthotype prints, which involve exposing plant-dyed paper to sunlight.

Please subscribe to the mailing list if you'd like to learn more about the zine and as ever, thank you for stopping by.


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