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  • Dee Lister

Peace in Over Wyresdale

Today is International Day of Peace. I visited the Forest of Bowland last weekend and experienced a serenity that no doubt envelopes this place everyday, not just on a commemorative date.

There my partner and I kick off our shoes and with it everyday burdens. There was moorland all around with sheep dotting the landscape. Such a beautiful feeling of space and separateness to delight in.

The sheep posed curiously though quickly became nonchalant, continuing on with the important business of eating, sitting and pooping.

I left the stream after awhile and walked barefoot on the land, even resting on the ground and slipping into sleepiness. The sound of the stream calmed and soothed, whilst a warm sun shone on welcoming cheeks, lighting up watery toes and feet. The velvet grass touch under hand met well with the lightness of dangling ones feet in the water for oh who knows how long.


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15 oct 2020

I absolutely love the Oak rendering. I aim to try this. xoox

Me gusta
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