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Ode to winter trees: Tall and here

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

From dawn till dusk across seasons they stand

Tall and here, with bare winter arms

Their silhouettes framed by changing skies,

All creatures find home, space to heal and rest

Within oak, beech, ash, rowan and yew-

Can see solid bodies, skeletal branches in shadow

Shining bright with the light of a thousand suns

They stand tall and here, with bare winter arms

Sentient, silent, wizened and still.

Audio accessible here: Projects | WHAT DEE SEES

A few words on this project

Last week involved putting together a Winter Trees project as part of a submission of five images for a photography club competition.

Intentions with submission:

  • Convey a sense of time passing, with dawn and dusk images included to highlight the journey through the day

  • Highlight the continuity and presence of trees as a solid and enduring part of human and all creatures lives

  • Convey the stillness of trees in Dec/Jan, echoing the solitude and tranquility of winter

  • Deepen meaning by offering accompanying free verse that explores the themes highlighted (for audio of poem see 'projects')

It was a learning curve putting this together as in December was also a very busy month (moving house, getting older and proofreading a book!)

Nonetheless, it was possible to gather lots of material, edit and select images. This provided welcomed respite from everyday responsibilities by sharing time with beautiful trees under golden hours' changing skies.

It certainly stirred my muse to awaken compiling this mixed forms project.

For anyone interested the details of the warm and collegial club I belong to is Creativity Beyond the Camera. It's run by pro photographer with Jason Smalley and is inclusive, inviting members with differing amounts of photographic experience.

Thanks for reading and to my kind subscribers who continue support of my work.

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