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  • Dee Lister

Treasured darkness

1 December 2020

I treasure the quiet solitude of the time before dawn as the world is encased in an ever-lightening deep navy blue.

My intention to wander in nature before humans footsteps tread the rough paths and muddy grass verge of Yarrow reservoir are always met well.

Time in nature from so early in the day leaves me stepping more lightly through the passing hours, as it did on this day I write about now.

I muse at to why I love this time so much.

Is it the silence, the way the world speaks only in nature's music?

Is it the way the darkness sharpens the edges of awareness?

My body occupies a different space here, one that shifts from the mundane normalcy of sight during the sun-bright light of day.

It isn’t always a striking photographer's dream of a sunrise that follows, but why should it be?

Finding opportunity to take pleasure in the motions of the sun (and moon) is enough for me to address the busyness of life that often encroaches upon my sense of inner peace.

The treasure comes with this and how it brings me to feel that ‘oh yes, I believe in magic again’.


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