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  • Dee Lister

Sacred space at Swinside

29th October 2021

Sacred spaces impress
Etch upon shadows
Centuries of stories
Told, to listeners still

It was a damp and misty September’s day when I ventured to Swinside near Millom. I’d camped nearby in Broughton-in-Furness and held precious intentions within a loosening fist. Clouds cleared a mind foggy from sleeplessness as rain passed mild feathered water over a less-than-fresh face.

Feet walked a journey that left me brightened though the sun stayed hidden from view. Every step traced a steady incline towards a boundless scene, a rugged landscape. Whilst fields of inquiring sheep and cows gazed on as the land carried an acrid earthy smell along. A narrow road soon became a well-trodden path. Visions of pilgrimages past echoed through my mind. Swinside appeared minutes later and I stopped.

I savoured those few moments before walkers rambled by briefly exchanging elations about this place. My ears were open only to the ancients by then.

Gratefully, the old gate of entry accepted me with a quiet sturdy sigh. I paused before circling the sacred stones three times with whispers of adulation, feet moving in respect and reverence. The slow ceremony led me to one standing stone while the rain poured blessings timelessly.


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1 Comment

Nov 17, 2021

Beautiful stone circle images Dee xoxo

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