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Farewell 2020: favourite images, a parting poem

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

30 December 2020

So the sun is setting on 2020. We are fast approaching the light of a new year. What a year it has been. I’m feeling reflective about how things have gone.

I've focused on providing a collection of images from 2020, with mostly personal favourites that evoke pride and other emotions.

How this year has gone for me is also briefly explored in a poem included at the end of this post.

Sincere and heartfelt gratitude for reading this blog and staying with me as I continue to develop the site and hone my skills as a photographer.

There's much to come in 2021 and it's hoped you'll join me for the fun!

Favourite images of 2020

1. Skies at dawn

If you've been out during the 'golden hour' of sunrise and sunset you'll know the wonder of these times of day.

Anything feels possible when basking in the clear and pure energy of this time.

These two images, and the first on the page, were taken at dawn looking out from Yarrow reservoir, Chorley.

This image of 'treasured darkness' featured in another post about savouring the splendour of precious moments just before sunrise.

2. Trees

Being around trees is a calming and tranquil experience no matter where you meet them.

This is an oak tree friend who lives in Rivington. The image was created by combining multiple exposures and using a technique created by artist/photographer Pep Ventosa.

Also included are images of a a tree in mist in Adlington and a self-portrait from a memorable visit to see a magnificent ancient Yew tree in Herefordshire.

3. Water

I was blessed one day with witnessing a canal near me as it was steeped in mist. The sun had risen and shone low in the sky as two worlds met, with land mirrored in water.

The scene that unfolded and the silence encasing it was idyllic.

(This image will be available to purchase in 2021. See notes below).

The final image is an alternative look at Yarrow Valley's weir. I am part of a warm community of creative photographers and we were set a competition by our professional photographer mentor Jason Smalley.

This was one of my submissions that conveys emotions at the time. I'll leave you to take from it what you will, but to offer the context. It was taken when wandering during the beginnings of global chaos in March 2020.

4. Creatures

2020 is without a doubt the year I fell in love with abstract forms of photography, and in particular intentional camera movement or ICM photography.

ICM and abstract photography offers space to combine passions: photography, time in nature and walking dogs.

There'll be lots more of this experimental and artful approach in 2021.

This very different kind of creature in the still image of the hover fly showcase the vibrance of nature's palette so well. Looking at this reminds me to appreciate the small scene in which earth's stories unfold.

I have to include a coupl of Norri in this collection.

My little, utterly wonderful photography companion will be heavily featuring in the next post, which is a black and white set from a visit to Jenny Brown's Point in Silverdale in October 2020.

5. Humans

The final focus in this collection are images from walks around Manchester after lockdown permitted travel to nearby spaces. This was a welcome opportunity for street photography practise and exploring less glossy narratives of our times.

The context and tone of these images is very different, with the first one seeing what I construed to be a bored paramedic as I passed on the Metro train.

The second image from a post written about 'culture not being cancelled' shows a bleak scene, but what is art if not evocative?

Thanks very much for reading and wishing you well.


A parting poem

The puzzle unfolding on the deck of this strange ship

By Dee Lister

A year to be remembered

Or reviled or revoked

Time stopped as a storm contrived to ruin our day at sea

Monstro the whale swallowed us whole

Spat us out each day

We cleared our lands of detritus

To keep the toxic scum at bay

Holding on so as not to be hung out to dry

But the tide drifted and we awoke

Clambered and dragged ourselves to shore

Under clear blue skies devoid of smog and smoke

In Spring I fell in love again and again

With nature’s kisses

A blissful dream

Handcrafted by beacons of shimmering gold

Drawing hope from unexpected places

Even if some dreams were left high and dry

I can’t deny that time slowed down

Whilst trees soothed and sung to me

In serene woods I could believe time had stopped

Sharing cups of stillness with magical creatures

Under clear blue skies devoid of smog and smoke

Time lurched, it lunged on

A never-ending cycle of wishy-washy water

Or at least it seemed

Did you see the sea’s effervescent pearls?

Did you marvel at the puzzle unfolding on the deck of this strange ship?



I'm planning to set up a means of selling prints of my best pieces online via this site and elsewhere. This includes this Adlington canal image and another. More details to follow in the new year.

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