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Winter trees (January)
Frozen (January) 
Ice shelves (February)
On the ground (February) 
Birch bark (March)
Morning grasses (March)
Malham Cove (May)
Spring flora (Apr-May) coming soon
Surrender to shadow (June 2021) coming soon
Ostranenie (July 2021) coming soon

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Morning grasses

Dew on grass 1
Dew on grass 2
Dew on grass 3
Dried grass 1
Dried grass 2
Dried grass 3

(Mar 2021)

I walked slowly along High Rid reservoir at sunrise and came to the edges, utterly enchanted by a small patch of meadow. The dew along the blades of grass scattered magic, whilst the tall dried grasses offered a window into nature's delicacy and mindful beauty.