Featured project: Frozen

Jan 2021

Experimental project exploring the concept of feeling frozen 


frozen (part II)


my fingers sting

my feet rejoice

there is nothing that beats being out

there is nothing that beats being out

my toes burn a little

the ferns reach out to call me in

to draw me to them

to break through the ice and freeze cold


here here here I am again

with water flow

and so in green and red and grey and brown and soft and rough

so fine the birds in the sky above

and nearby my call

all curious wonder


today the ice a light sheen

holds on spreads and patterns across the land

a little a wonder a beauty a stillness


the thunder of river subsides

crisp and crunch as feet disrupt

particles atoms molecules

far from stagnant alive

with shapes skeletal

bone leaves

and just as before I thaw and warm

and what's left is a gentle sound

a ripple flow streaming

of love and heart and nature


stay on the ground look down

look down


be still


my fingers ache with the year's burden

a hidden heaviness of worry of doubt

unleashed here in the wilds

as I sit with myself

and share with the trees

in touch

with the mud

and reach to the grasses and leaves

to cushion my angst and concern


part of me is frozen

part of me thaws

I wait for spring

for change

for the sun