Hi, I'm Dee Lister. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. 


I'm a self-taught photographer and poet most inspired and at peace in nature. For me photography is part of my meditation practice and provides an opportunity for multi-sensory awareness, joy and play. 

My interests are shaped by past work as a critical psychologist who researched everyday lives, as well as my lived experiences as an earth spiritual person living with invisible disability. I enjoy exploring nature's small stories in my art now using a blend of photography and poetry.

I’m currently working on my first collection for publication called ‘Love Letter to Sun Rising’ and that will feature words and images. I'm delighted to have had work exhibited recently as part of Shutter Hub's Yearbook 2021 online exhibition and look forward to having images from a self-portrait series featured in the Festival Pil’Ours 'Your Body Belongs to You' outdoor exhibition.

Links to where all my work's featured in one place can be found here: 


For anyone interested, I'm a member of Creativity Beyond the Camera Club and Shutter Hub. I believe people should always work ethically and am a member of Nature First - The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

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Thanks for reading and wishing you a good day!


Dee (she/they/Dr)