Self portrait with the ancient Yew tree


This website features work by me, Dee Lister, a self-taught creative photographer and cisgender mixed-race woman inspired by nature.


(The photo above is from a wondrous time I met the ancient Yew tree (which I also blogged about here).

I approach photography as 'slow' practise that is meditative and playful. As someone with a deep reverence for the earth, photography provides another way for me to engage and be inspired by nature.


Art is a platform for social change, and by celebrating and showcasing the spectacular beauty of nature it's hoped more people pause in awe, whilst recognising we need to treat the earth respectfully and sustainably before it's late. 


I was a critical psychologist in the past and know through experience and knowledge of academic research how creativity also offers space for personal meaning-making and catharsis.  


Just to add a note on my process -


You'll often find poetic prose alongside my images. I feel drawn to write/record this when I'm taking photographs. The words are kept in the form they're created and shared in writing but also sometimes through audio recordings, see Winter Trees project, for example).


I hope you enjoy the website and thank you for reading. Thanks for staying with me if you've subscribed to monthly newsletters (and if you haven't see the link at the bottom of the page!) 

Dee Lister (she/her/Dr)

Based in Lancashire, UK 

Member of international photography communities 

Creativity Beyond the Camera Club and Shutter Hub.  

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I'm very active on social media. Be great to connect with you if you're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. (all called @deelisterphotos). I've got a second ICM photography Instagram account also called @myicmreality.

Prints available 

Prints are available in a few places, including Photo4Me and soon on the New Art Gallery.


I'll have a 'prints for sale' section asap. If you see any images you'd be interested in purchasing (for an affordable price) contact me. 


You can find updated galleries and projects here as well as within posts and social media.