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I’m a self-taught creative photographer and artist based in the UK. I live with disability and illness and in the past completed a PhD in psychology.


I enjoy the mindful and cathartic joy of all creating and am a process-driven and reflexive artist who thinks deeply about concepts and embodied experiences and how they can feed into my art.

I’ve taken a particular interest in the alternative photography process of making anthotype prints this year. Anthotypes are created by exposing plant-dye coated materials (such as paper) to UV light. I love how the creative process evokes the slowness of the earth’s rhythms and uses sustainable materials as connecting with nature is a meaningful part of my daily life. 


I’m currently working on a zine of anthotypes to represent the serenity experienced when watching colourful changing skies during golden hour. This'll be published and available to purchase on World Anthotype Day (20th August 2022).

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I'm a member of Shutter Hub, Nature First (the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography), OutsideIn and the Beauty Demands Network


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(6th June 2022) 'Embodying trauma and troubling appearances within photography for the ‘Your Body Belongs to You’ exhibition', essay written for the Beauty Demands Network blog

(April 2022) 'Tunnel Vision' featured in ROAD TRIP publication. Shutter Hub Editions (Available for purchase here).

(April-Sept 2022) Your Body Belongs to You, curated by Karen Harvey (Creative Director of Shutter Hub) and Marisol Mendez (Shutter Hub member and creator of MADRE). Venue: Festival Pil’Ours, France


(2021) Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2021. online exhibition

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Dee Lister (she/they/Dr.)