Self portrait with the ancient Yew tree


This website features work by me, Dee Lister.

I'm a self-taught creative photographer based in Lancashire (UK) with a background in psychology (BSc, MSc, PhD).

I'm a member of a number of photography communities including

Creativity Beyond the Camera Club run by Jason Smalley and Shutter Hub, which's an organisation that provides opportunities for creative photographers worldwide. 


I’m inspired by the everyday stuff of human lives and often articulate meanings within my work using nature as a metaphor.


I take photographs with projects and exhibition calls in mind, though also as part of meditative wanderings into the wild. My intention with sets that unfold serendipitously is to honour the land, imploring others to recognise the peace, solace and beauty we gain whilst connecting with nature. 


I often write free verse poetry whilst out on a shoot and enjoy blending visual and textual media. In terms of photographic styles (if indeed its necessary to label them), you'll find landscape, macro and abstract photography in my portfolio. 

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Dee Lister (she/her/Dr)

Based in Lancashire, UK 

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