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Blackpool (2023)

'Pier Out To Sea' from a series currently showing in
Shutter Hub's To The Sea exhibition (2023-24). Copyright Dee Lister

I’m Dee (she/they), a visual artist and writer who connects deeply with nature and myself. What Dee Sees is a landing place for viewers to get a sense of how I see the world and how this shapes my art and words. I have a diverse artistic style though at present am concerned with creating poetry-photography and handmade art.

Twin trees (2022)

'Twin Trees' (2022) - I've visited these two through the seasons for years. Copyright Dee Lister

On this website you can visit the image collections put together to showcase some of my favourite recent photography. I've been creating more black and white analogue images recently though there are also colour and digital images viewable. There's are details of exhibitions, publications, and other shiny projects I've been involved with as well.

Lullaby for the heart (2022)

'Lullaby for the Heart' is an image that belongs to poetry-photography shared on Medium. To read the poem click here. Copyright Dee Lister

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Visual artist & writer based in Bolton, UK

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Member of Shutter Hub, OutsideIn, and London Independent Photography.


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