Self portrait with the ancient Yew tree


What Dee Sees is intended as a space to explore what I (Dee) see when conceptualising 'seeing' as a literal as well as multi-sensory experience. The notion draws upon ideas by John Berger (1972).

Brief introduction to my work

I'm a self-taught creative photographer based in Lancashire (UK) with a background in psychology (BSc, MSc, PhD). I hope you enjoy visiting this website and invite you to subscribe to the monthly newsletter if you like my work. 


I’m inspired by the everyday stuff of lives and am happiest when wandering in nature. My work explores the minutiae and seemingly mundane. I approach photography as a walking meditation, whenever possible.


You'll find nature and landscape photography in my portfolio, as well as street photography, abstracts and the blending of visual and textual forms (and in particular self-authored free verse poetry written in situ).

I’m very active on social media (see contact details below) and would love to connect with you there. Prints of various images are for sale via the New Art Gallery and Photo4Me.

For anyone that's on a path of creative photography, can I recommend checking out two intentional communities I belong to: Creativity Beyond the Camera Club and Shutter Hub.

Dee Lister (Ms/Dr)

My pronouns are she/they/hers/theirs

Currently based in Lancashire, UK

I identify as a cisgender LGBTQ+ woman of colour


Email me: 

Facebook page @deelisterphotos

Main Instagram account @deelisterphotos

Second Instagram account (intentional camera movement photography): @myicmreality

Twitter: @deelisterphotos